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There are 500 First Fill Premium casks of Single Malt and 500 First Fill Premium casks of Single Pot Still to be sold exclusively to Cornerstone Cask Society Members.
Yes, we are offering exclusivity on either our Single Malt or Single Pot Still Whiskey, and you may choose the Alcohol by Volume percentage. You can make your decision on the ABV % when the whiskey has matured.
Single Malt Irish whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley distilled in a pot still within a single distillery. Single Pot Still Irish whiskey is made from a combination of malted and unmalted barley as well as other cereals such as oats and rye, distilled in a pot still within a single distillery.
Ex-bourbon means that the barrel has been used to distil bourbon, but this is the first time these casks have been used to mature Irish Whiskey, thereby having a much greater influence on the spirit in terms of both flavour and colour.
Yes, you can choose from a minimum of 40% ABV to a maximum of 56.5%.
Based on an ABV of 40%, you could expect to receive 410 x 700 ml bottles of whiskey.
Based on an ABV of 40%, and yielding approx. 410 bottles of whiskey, the cost per bottle is €20.79, exclusive of Taxes & VAT: local duties may apply at your destination; we recommend independent advice.
Full payment is due upon receipt of your order form.
We will accept payment in € and $ only. We will only accept €-based cheques. We will accept both € and $ for electronic transfers. The price of the cask will remain constant at €7,500 unless we offer a special discount. KDC is an Irish company that conducts business in €. Our financial projections are based on € projections, so we cannot take on foreign currency risk. We are offering an early bird discount price of €7,100 if you provide us with a completed application and payment by May 1st, 2021. Based on a €/$ FX rate of 1.21, as of 3/3/21, the €7,100 price translates to a discounted price of $8,591. Both discounted prices will remain in effect until May 1st, 2021. After May 1st, 2021, the cask price will revert to €7,500 and the cask $ price will be determined every other Monday morning in perpetuity and will stay in effect for the following 2 weeks after each $ cask price change. The $ cask price will be determined by the prevailing €/$ FX rate on that Monday. Thus, every other Monday there could be a different $ price for the casks, while the €7,500 price will remain constant.
The rates are set by the Irish Revenue Commissioners based on the percentage of pure alcohol. If investors choose to export the product (your whiskey must ship, in either drum or bottle form, under bond to your country where it should be received into bond), no Excise Duty will be paid in Ireland. Local duties may apply at your destination, we recommend independent advice.
The cost is €2.50 approx. per 700ml bottle.
Yes, you can. This is a great option for bar/restaurant/hotel owners, corporate gifts, or anyone who just wants their own signature whiskey. Bottles will all carry Killarney Distilling Company as the source distillery and include your personal cask number to prove its origin.
No, all yields shown in our calculations are approximate.
You will receive your keepsakes before the end of 2021. If you purchase after 2021, we will seek to deliver as fast as we can.
Yes, after year 3 of maturation, you will be entitled to visit and to take a 200ml sample from the cask. We need 30 days’ notice, and you must visit the distillery to obtain your 200ml sample. Becoming directly involved with, and gaining a deeper understanding of whiskey maturation, product development, and release are some of the key (and rewarding) reasons people invest in cask programmes.
It is our intention to mature the First Fill casks for 5 years, therefore, we anticipate delivery to be in the second half of 2026.
KBD does not place restrictions on your cask, you may sell it to any buyer you wish. We can give you some guidance.
Your cask is insured for its current value each year. Your cask is also insured against fire and theft.
Yes, each member cask will be uniquely and individually identified.
When you take collection of your cask.